Sunday, 4 July 2010

SeaWorld Texas Career Camp - July 2010

5th July 2010 - Killer Whales
-We got let into the stadium before the Orca show. Ky and Tuar were just logging whilst the trainers talked and they were then called to the glass and we got a group pic with them :). A target session was then done with Ky, to get him to unlearn opening his mouth to the target. Sakari and Takara were then let in. Aw she's so cute x3. Ah yeah, and we got splashed/soaked by the boys hahaa.
We then watched the show, left stadium side, infront of the slide out. We were on Shamucam pre-show :). Show was okay. But Sakari was in it, d'aww.

8th July 2010
-We then all got led to Shamu Rocks. That was SO good. 100x better than Believe. So much energy etc. And ahh Sakari, freaking love her x3.

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