Saturday, 23 October 2010

SeaWorld Texas - 23rd October 2010

So went down to SeaWorld!
Went to the Azul Show. After we went to the Shamu Stadium. Takara and Sakari were in the show pool, and Takara was at the glass spitting on kids and Sakari was copying her, aww x3
We watched something new called The Shamu Story, which told the story of Namu and the original Shamu which was really cool. Ky and Tuar were in the show, and they actually told everyone their actual name, when their birthday is and how big they are! I was impressed!
We went round all the exhibits and watched the Beluga story, Sea Lion show, and Halloween Killer Whale Show. I was kinda bummed it was just Tuar and Ky in the show again, no baby Sakari :(. But they played Bring Me to Life which was rad hahaa.

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