Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Marineland - 1st June 2011

Woo, so today was Marineland Antibes day!
Went to the Sea Lion Show first - that was dreadful. Then saw the Dolphin Show. Managed to catch a bit of Freya's, Val's and Inouk's training session. Omg, Inouk is tiny! I really can't believe it. He's practically 10 years old, and still has a baby dorsal, fins and flukes, aw!
We then saw the new polar bears. Very cool. And finally saw little baby Moana! Aww, she's so cute! And so orange! And wow, I couldn't believe how independent she is! Was swimming off away from Wikie alot! And little Moana was playing with a leaf on her nose, aww.
Me and mum then went and ate. There were some cute cats on the roof of the cafe, awh. After eating, went to see the polars again. Then caught the orca show. No water works :/ but atleast they had the birth video.
Me and ma then wondered around the rest of the park - saw the penguins, sharks, aquarium and massive Stellar Sea Lions. After seeing the dolphin show, went to watch Moana again. This time she was with Inouk and Wikie. Freya and Valentin were doing another training session. Inouk and Wikie were separated from Moana to be fed, so a trainer played with her. I then went round to the dolphins at the glass. Omg it was the best time ever. No one was around, so I got out my orca stuffy. There were 4 in the pool, and I managed to get them all to come over. I held the stuffy to the glass and the dolphins were looking at it, had their mouths open and blew bubbles. It was so damn cute! One swam away, but the other 3 were pretty interested. I managed to get them to shake their heads too :) Haha one of them was even interested in the paper bag lol. I also got them to follow the orca along the glass and change windows. So cool. I interacted with them for atl east 10 minutes, before we went! And the reason for that was because they started splashing us, lmao cheeky dolphins!

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