Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Trip Report and Beluga Interaction Programme - SeaWorld Texas - 30th December 2009

Wuhay. We went to SeaWorld today. Finally done all the SeaWorld's!
Hm, this one had the least there tbh. There's a dolphin feeding pool. God, there was this really fat dolphin, t'was huge! But there was a Wolphin! That was pretty rad. A false killer whale/dolphin hybrid I presume. But yeah, I hate the whole feeding concept. I didn't participate.
Yeah, there's also sea lions, horses, alligators, otters, penguins, fish and rollar coasters. The beluga habitat was under construction apparently, so no show.
The only show there really was, was Shamu stadium. Me, mum and Dave got a seat right infront of the right slide out. The show was Miracles rather than Believe. Lool there were all these pre-show carol singers.
Yeah, so in the show were Unna, Tuar, Keet and Kyuquot. Weirdly no Takara. Tuar mostly and Keet were used on our side of the slide out. I noticed Tuar had what looked like a new cut across his right eyepatch. And there looked like blood came out of his mouth, at the start of the show. Weird huh? Maybe it was fish...?
Huh, the show was alright. Thankfully we didn't get wet :P. So after the Shamu show I did a Beluga Interaction Programme :). We went round the back of the Viva stadium and saw the Pacific White Sided Dolphins. There was a really young calf too, so cute! So we got wet suited up, there was a group of 4 of us, and we got divided into 2's. I was weith a girl called Kristen. Our 'luga's were Oliver, Sikku and Luna. Sikku was Oliver's mom, Oliver was only about 2 and Luna was 9. OMG the water was freezing! Lol.
We got to do plenty of rub downs and tossing fish. It was alot of fun, we got to make them wave, sing, splash, find tickle spots, 'walk like a dolphin' and 'cat walk' and photo opportunities - like a kiss from a 'luga, holding their fin and posing. There was also a few in-water encounters. I had to step off the ledge, hold on to Sikku's pecs and she spun me around. It was rad :). And I layed on my front and back and kicked and the 'luga coped too.
At the end, both groups combined to say bye and the 'lugas completely soaked us lol. And there was this young baby, Keano?, having his own session and kept knocking around a bit lol.
Yeah so after the encounter, I got dressed, picked up the photos and then left!

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