Sunday, 28 July 2013

SeaWorld California - 28th July 2013

So it's been 6 years since I last visited SeaWorld California! Man, twas a busy day!
Went straight to Shamu Close Up. Corky, Shouka and Ikaika were hanging out in the pool. People kept thinking the baby was one of them - er no! However shortly after they swapped them out and Kasatka and Makani were in the Close-up pool :D. They were doing a Dine with Shamu.
Me and Mum then got seats for the orca show. Orkid, Kalia and 2 others were in the show pool. The show was pretty good, featuring Orkid, Keet, Ulises, Kasatka and Makani. Damn, Orkid is such a beautiful whale. Love her. Makani was so adorable. He jumped alongside mom and attempted to splash the crowd :P. There was a Japanese Guy sat behind me and mum, so excited and absolutely howling with laughter during the splash time, such bants :P.
Me and mum then went around the rest of the park. Saw the 'Lugas and polar bear. Also the penguins, turtles and sharks! Liked the turtle and shark exhibit.
Before heading to the Dine, we stopped by the showpool and Kasatka, Makani, Kalia and Nakai were there entertaining guests. So cute to see the family together :D.
So for the Dine with Shamu we had the big boys - Keet and Ulises! Mostly had Uli infront of me, very much enjoyed it, alot of love for Uli! When it was their free time, Uli kept spyhopping pretty much infront of me and mum, thought it was awesome!!
We then saw the Dolphin Show which is similar to Viva in Texas. Think they had a Spinner Dolphin in their show! But yeah, the dolphins all looked hideously scratched up, as if they fight all the time. Did not like it :/
Just before leaving the park, took one last look at DWS pool. Kalia and Makani were spyhopping and grabbing the plastic thing filled with ice, suspended above the water. It was cute to see Makani with his big sister :)

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