Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Marineland France - 9th April 2013

Donc ;) We went to Marineland! Train strike meant we caught the bus instead.
Me and Ma did the VIP thing for the first time. Lol it was such a weird experience, because of the people in our group. Everyone was French but barely spoke, and the trainer translating into English only every looked/talked to mum and not me lol!
We had croissants for breakfast next to the Penguin exhibit. The penguins were giving me jokes, belly flopping into the water :P
We then saw the other South American Penguins at their outdoor exhibit. Then the Sea Lions, who had a baby amongst them :). Saw the AMAZING Stellar Sea Lions. The males are like 700kg, dayum!
Went to the new aquarium - cute turtles flopping around infront of the glass :).
We saw the Polar Bears. One was in the water, then got out and rolled down the hill and got really dirty hahaa. Looked like it was engaging in some sterotypy though :/.
We then did out first Sea Lion encounter. That was with was blind South African Sea Lion, bless her. We fed her a fish, stroked her, then got her to hold her flipper out and fed her again. When she did the behavior well, we said "Bien!".
Then we got into waders and saw the dolphins! There was a male called Eclair, and a smaller female - Nala? We stroked Eclair and gave them both signals. J'adore dauphins!
Then was the killer whale encounter! Just before the dolphins, I saw Wikie and Moana in a backpool butting their noses on a target, it was so cute. Especially seeing Wikie still has play in her :D. But yeah, we watched the show from the side at a different view point. The show was pretty lame in all honesty. The worst we've seen, barely any jumping, it was slow moving and not very entertaining :/
After the show, we had our photos taken with Valentin who came up on the slideout behind us to pose. Loove Val :). That was the end of the VIP tour. Me and mum got food then went back to the turtles and walked around the Dinosaur bit lol.
We saw the Dolphin Show, found it alot better than the Orcas. Think there may have been 2 little ones in the back pool? Saw the Stella Sea Lion show after. Lots of flopping around!
We then went and saw the Orca Show again. It was better second time round, more action and there was even a rebellion by Inouk and Moana! Actually hilarious, they just decided not to perform anymore, so they switched them out for Freya and Valentin, cheeky things!
I went round to ma dolphins again at the interaction pool. I held my stuffie orca to the glass and threw it about and walked along the glass. They were curious, but splashed me shortly after. Gutted to learn that splashing is a sign of dislike :(. They must've saw it as teasing.

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