Thursday, 12 April 2012

Loro Parque - 16th April 2012

We went to Loro Parque again. The weather was not the greatest though :(.
We went in and got the Discovery Tour passes for later. Went to see the Dolphins, first checking the Orcas. The dolphin show was quite amusing, because there were only 5 in the pool, it seemed 2 had decided not to perform, and baby wasn't in it much.
Then the orcas. No one was in the show pool. But yeah, all 4 adults were in the show, picked up that alot of emphasis seems to be on Skyla - 'Skyla y familia'.
We then got lunch and went on the Discovery Tour. It was alright. Didn't exactly see anything backstage of the animals. With the gorillas we saw their beds and food, and the penguins was their water purifers lol. And the 'backstage' orca part was just us in the show area for 5 minutes. Skyla did do some cheeky slideouts and we were told some good facts about the other animals.

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