Tuesday, 30 July 2013

SeaWorld California - 30th July 2013

So we went to SeaWorld again! This was for my study day. Me and mum went off and did our own things.
I went to Close Up first as Makani, Kasatka, Nakai and sometimes Kalia were in there. I studied Makani for an hour. He mainly followed Kasatka in laps, then was involved in a little Dine With Shamu.
Me and mum then met to see the show. Ulises, Orkid, Keet, Shouka and Ikaika were in it! I then watched Keet who was in the showpool with Ike, Corky and Shouka. Lol Keet didnt do alot. He just like floated by himself mainly.
Me and mum then got lunch. After I went off to watch Shouka. She was quite interesting. She kept sliding out, kinda did her own thing, but also interacted with Corky and Ike a little :)
Had one last look at Makani, then pretty much left the place. Really enjoyed my observations!

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