Friday, 15 August 2003

MarineLand Canada - 15th August 2003

We arrived at 10:30 and I went over to Neocia's tank and I met Kristine (the creator of SOTO). Neocia was just lazing about in the show pool. We talked until the guards let us in. We rushed up the steps and got seats at the slide out. Kristine went down to see Neocia and I waited for more people to come in and I asked 2 ladies to save our seats then I joined her. Neo wasn't really in her interacting mood though. She then went back into her tank and me and Kristine went back to our seats. Then she came back out and I brought down my stuffed orca this time. She sought of looked at it but nothing else. Then when the show was about to start we sat down. It was very good I thought. When It was over we went back down to the glass but Neocia wasn't interested. Then we went to the FC under water viewing, but Kiska and Nootka weren't doing much. We then got in line to touch the Beluga's! I went first! We got a Beluga called Charmin! She was so sweet but quite fat! Then we went over to Kiska and Nootka and watched them for a bit. Then we went over to Hudson and Kandu who were in a separate pool because the girls are pregnant. Then we went to the Orca petting session! We touched Kiska!! She is the first Orca I've evr tocuhed!!! Then we went to the FC under water viewing. We interacted with Kiska and the Beluga's for a bit. While we where watching Kiska and Nootka, Nootka suddenly started to act weird. She looked like as if she was about to give birth! She was swim around the pool very fast and going around and around! Me and Kristine really thought she was going into labour! Then we went to the tank with Kandu and Hudson. Hudson was just doing laps and Kandu was laying immobile but then Kandu was going crazy! He was spy hopping and splashing about like mad! And when he opened his mouth, and blood seemed to come out! The trainer called for someone to check on Kandu. She thought that Kandu may have bit his tongue! Then we did another Orca petting session but with Hudson! He is so sweet! Then we went to the under water viewing (again) and watched and interacted with them for a bit then went to the show and got the same seats. It was a little bit different. Then we went down to the glass and Neocia was interacting with us! I got great piccies! Then We went to another orca petting session and touched Nootka! Then I had to leave :(. But it was a great day that I will never forget!

Pics here:

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