Saturday, 9 August 2003

Orca Watching - Canada - 9th August 2003

Place: Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada
Date: 9th August 2003
Boat name: Super Cat
Boat type: Two decks
How many people it carries: -
Company name: -
Trip length : 3 hours
Successful or Unsucessful: Successful
Who was on trip: Me, Mum, Dave, Mark, Anne, Sally, Jaime, Aunt Marjory
Wildlife seen: Orcas, Northern Elephant Seals, Seal Lions (Northern or Steller's), Harbour Seals

We didn’t see anything apart from Orcas and Seals (I really wanted to see Gray Whales though ). Well… We boarded the boat (Super cat) and I was on front deck! 10 minutes after we were moving the boat went so fast I nearly fell over! Then we reached the area’s where the Orcas had been sighted! We stopped a little further away and watched them surfacing! We saw J and K pod! Slowly they started approaching us! Then an Orca came within 2 meters of us!!!!! But my bloody camera ran out of battery >:(. When they were moving away I saw one spy hop! After they had moved quite far away we went after them but got ahead so they would come to us. Then in the distance I saw one breach :-D!!!!!!!! Then one was lob tailing! They were hunting! Then they came really close to us and were breaching, lob tailing, spy hopping and surfacing right in front of us! When they moved away we went to the Seals (and Sea lions)! We saw Harbour Seals, Steller’s Sea lion or Northern Sea lion and Northern Elephant Seals!!!!! Then we zoomed up to try and catch up with the Orcas! We got ahead and saw the odd on spy hop, lob tail and breach. Then the big one =D… Some of the pod came 1 meter away from the boat XD!!!!!!!!! They were surfacing, spy hopping and going under the boat! It was magical!! We followed them until we had to go into the Harbour . I will never forget it!

A lot more happened but I mean c’mon how am I supposed to remember a 3-hour trip?! =P

Pics here:

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