Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Loro Parque - 12th April 2006

Woo Loro Parque! It was so cool. But gah, the Orca Ocean was still closed :(.
We got to Loro Parque at 12:15pm. At the entrance, mum bought my a backstage ticket, but I never went because it was gunna be about 1.45 hours on my own, but I don't mind because all 3 of us are gunna do it on Monday.
We started off at the Parrots and walked through the aquarium and sea lions until we got to the dolphins. The dolphin show started at 1.30pm, but whilst we waited, we climbed to the top of the dolphin stadium, looked over the edge and saw the orcas!
Wow. It's so weird seeing Keto, Tekoa, Kohana and Skyla, I really can't tell you how weird it was. Tekoa wasn't around much, but Keto, Kohana and Skyla were in the bigger of the back pools, atleast I think its bigger.
I then watched the dolphin show. It was okay, but y'know, the normal dolphin show stuff. I then checked out the orcas again until the guards kicked us out.
We had lunch and then saw the chimpaneezs and marmosets. Then I saw the penguins. The penguin exhibit is really cool. Apparently it has won 4 gold stars. And there was real ice on the walls as you walked through. I was spazzing about that lol.
We then went to the gorillas, and there was one male running past the glass and throwing leaves and stones at it, as if he wanted to challenge us.
Me, mum and Dave then watched the 3.45pm Sea Lion show. It was quite good. After the sea lion show we walked back to the Dolphin stadium, but had to wait ages until we were ket in. I ran to the top of the dolphin stadium, and watched the orcas. U even missed the dolphin show to watch the guys. They were a lot more interesting whilst the show was going on. I saw them being hosed down and fed. I got some great shots.
Before the dolphin show, though, Kohana and Tekoa weren't really about, Keto was logging and Skyla was chewing on the wall lol. She's a cutie. After the show had finished we left the park at about 6.15pm.
It was a cool day. But wow, I was so close to the orcas when I saw them being fed. It was great. Well I wasn't sooo close, but I was close as possible.

Pics here:

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