Friday, 14 April 2006

Dolphin Watching - Tenerife - 14th April 2006

Place: Puerto Colon?, Tenerife
Date: 14th April 2006
Boat name: Royal Delfin
Boat type: Catamaran?
How many people it carries: -
Company name: -
Trip length: 4 hours 30 minutes
Successful or Unsucessful: Successful
Who was on trip: Me, Mum, Dave
Wildlife seen: Bottlenose Dolphins, Short-Finned Pilot Whales, Seabirds

The coach picked us up at about 11.45am and arrived at Puerto Colon at about 2pm. We boarded our Catamaran, called the Royal Delfin, at 2:30pm. There was no room on the top deck, so I went down stairs in the indoors bit.
Gosh the journey was awful. I suffer from motion sickness so it wasn't in the slightest bit nice. Our first dolphin sighting was a lone bottlenose dolphin. It was bow riding at the front of our boat which was very cool. It didn't stay around long, and then the boar went out in seach of more dolphins.
We came across about 5. Some were bow riding and leaping. There was also a calf! They disappeared after about 7 minutes and the boat searched for more. We then came across quite a lot of dolphins, I have no idea how many, and they were frolicking about. It was very good to watch. Once again they disappeared and the boat didn't find anymore. I felt very ill so laid down and had a little sleep. After food was served up, which I rejected, the boat set off back, and on the way we saw a few dolphins and 2 Pilot Whales, both alone. The Pilots kept disappearing but occasionally did a few small breaches. They didn't stay long and we then set off back to Puerto Colon. I was glad to back on land.

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