Monday, 17 April 2006

Loro Parque - 17th April 2006

Me, mum and Dave got to Loro Parque at about 11.30am. We tried to book a Discovery Tour but it was all booked up, so I was then pissed.
We walked past the Gorillas and then went into Planet Penguin. I love the slide at the bottom that goes into the toy shop :P.
We then had a quick look at the Chimpaneezs and then had lunch whilst the 12pm Sea Lion show was going on.
After lunch we went into the dolphin stadium and watched the orcas. All 4 of them were playing with a blue plastic float. It was cool to watch. Whilst the 1pm dolphin show was going on, I watched the orcas. Kohana was playing with the float, but then she got it stick on the pools side, bless her. Skyla and Tekoa helped her to get it off the side. They kept nosing at the float which then made it harder for them to get it back into the water. They were trying for a good 4 minutes, and eventually they suceeded.
The float got stuck 2 more times. The firs time the trainer pushed it off for them, and the second time Kohana threw her body onto the float tipping it off.
After the dolphin show, me and mum went on the lil orca coaster in Kinderland lol! It went around 6 times.
We then went into this indoor building which would then lead to the Orca Ocean, but it was blocked off. In the building there was the crapy orca statue, and on the wall I saw a picture of 2 orcas and I was like "OMG its Kiska and Athena!".
Me, mum and Dave then walked about the park for a while looking at the parrots, aligators, jaguars and other animals. We went into the aquarium and Shark Tunnel which was closed last time we went. There were about 5 different shark species.
At 2:40pm i headed back to the dolphin stadium, and once again spent the time watching the orcas. They didn't have their float this time, but were basically relaxing. They got a hose down and every now and then did a few splashes. Once the show was over I said my goodbyes to the orcas and left the park at 4:30pm.

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