Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Dolphin Encounter - Marineland France - 25th October 2005

Place: Marineland Antibes
Date: 25th October 2005
Species: Bottlenose Dolphin
Main Cetacean Name: Silver
Other Cetacean Name: Fenix and ?
Trainer: -
Time in pool: -

At 12:15pm, I had a dolphin encounter booked, so headed to the new dolphin lagoon. I was the only English speaking person, which wasn't cool. We watched a short film about dolphins, then put on our waders and went to the pool. There were around 30 of us, and there were 3 dolphins: Silver, Fenix and another (forgot its name). We touched Silver's rostrum and beak, and the trainers spoke about the dolphins, luckily one trainer knew English and translated for me, and we gave the dolphins some hand signals. We touched Silver one last time, and then it was over at 1.40pm.

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