Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Marineland France - 25th October 2005

I got to the park entrance at about 10.10am, but the que was huge huge, so I got into the park about 10.50am. Me and my parents headed to the orcas and Kim, Sharkan, Inouk and Wiki were in the show pool.

We watched the 11.30am orca show which lasted til 12.00pm. After the show Freya and Valentin were in the show pool. At 12:15pm, I had a dolphin encounter booked, so headed to the new dolphin lagoon. I was the only English speaking person, which wasn't cool. We watched a short film about dolphins, then put on our waders and went to the pool. There were around 30 of us, and there were 3 dolphins: Silver, Pheonix and another (forgot its name). We touched Silver's rostrum and beak, and the trainers spoke about the dolphins, luckily one trainer knew English and translated for me, and we gave the dolphins some hand signals. We touched Silver one last time, and then it was over at 1.40pm.

I had lunch and then left my parents, and walked about the park. I went to go and see the dolphins in the new lagoon, but unfortunatly they were in the smaller pool, without the glass. I then went and watched Inouk, Wiki and Sharkan in the back pool and looked at the penguins, seals and sea lions.

At about 3.00pm I went back to the orcas. Valentin and Freya were still in the show pool. I watched the orca and pirate show at 4.00pm. I liked it. But I noticed that the trainers didnt do any water work, or the orca kiss, like they did last year. After the show I watched the sea lions by the dolphin lagoon, and then watched the orcas. Sharkan, Inouk and Wiki were in the show pool. But they were really un-interactive. They were just laying by the trainers cove doing very little. Only later did they start doing come laps. I didnt exactly get any interactions, but Wiki came up to the glass and watched my orca stuffie, and followed it along the glass.

At 7.15pm I watched the orca night show, which was really cool, and then my and my parents left the park.

Pics here: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/562639660ZUtBOm

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