Saturday, 30 October 2004

Marineland France - 30th October 2004

We got to the park at 11:30 and again I missed the start of the orca show. When the show was over they did training sessions with Freya, Inouk and Sharkan. When Sharkan's training session was over they just left her in the show pool, whilst Kim was in the back pool and Wiki, Inouk, Val and Freya swam in and out of the three middle holding pools. I felt so sorry for Sharkan because she was all alone in the show pool and she looked so sad/bored. We then went to see Kim and he just lapped the back pool. We then looked around the rest of the park and then had lunch. We came back to the orcas and they did another training session with them. Sharkan was learning to jump and spit at the crowd. A few times Sharkan would splash her trainer like crazy and I was wondering if she got the signal wrong or if she was being aggressive. Freya was learning to get on the slide and shake her head with her mouth open. Inouk was target jumping, Kim was learning an alien kind of behaviour and Wiki was doing random behaviours. We then watched the first part of the 4:00pm pirates and Orcas show and then left at 4:10pm to catch our train.

*Overall the day was Ok but I was disappointed that they wouldn't put any orcas into the show pool with Sharkan, so I didn't get any interactions.

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