Thursday, 28 October 2004

Marineland France - 28th October 2004

Oh how it rained. We got to MLF at 11:40 and I ran to the orca stadium and just caught the end of the show. When the show finished Wiki, Inouk and Sharkan were left in the show pool. I ran down to see them and got out my stuffed orca. I waved it at Wiki and she splashed me!! Wiki, Inouk and Sharkan were then moved into the side pool and I watched them for a while. Kim, Freya and Valentin were in the show pool and I watches their training session. When their training session was over they just lapped the pool. I asked a trainer if Sharkan was pregnant and they said "No, Sharkan isn't pregnant"... So no little orca on the way.

It rained and rained so me and my mum went to see the Sharks. We then went to see the Penguins, Seals and Sea Lions and then went to take shelter in the new dolphin stadium. It's quite good. When the rain got a bit lighter me and my mum went and had lunch. After lunch I went back to the orcas and Wiki, Inouk and Sharkan were in the back pool. I watched them for a while and Inouk started spy hopping near me, and I say his little eye looking at me :)! We then went to the dolphin show, and while I stood my the pool taking photos this guy in a mask came right up to me and scared the crap out of me XD!! I took a seat and watched the show. The Dolphins were good, but then this Sea Lion came on, and a lady hidden some where was talking, as if it was the Sea Lion talking. I didn't understand any of it, so I didn't think very much of it.

After the Dolphin show we went to the aquarium and museums. We came back to the orca stadium and watched Freya, Kim and Valentin lap the show pool until the 4:00pm pirate and orca show started. After the show, the trainers threw 2 barrels and 2 targets into the water and Freya and Valentin were playing with them! Freya was so cute! A bit later we went to the gift shop and I bought Dolphin and Orca PJ's and a dolphin poster (I thought I'd picked up the orca poster, but I picked up the dolphin poster and didn't find out until I got back home =P) and then we got something to eat. We went back to the orcas and Inouk was in the show pool with Valentin and Freya. I saw Inouk at the glass and ran, but I wasn't quick enough and he went. I then very patiently waited for 1 whole hour for Inouk to return to the glass and he did, and this time I was quick enough! I love that little cutie! He interacted with me 5 times! He nodded his head, waved his pecs and stuck his tongue out as I waved my stuffed orca at him! Val even came past and stopped for a few seconds!!!! Probably because he was wondering what Inouk was doing :). At 7:00pm we watched the special Halloween show at the orca stadium, but we had to leave at 7:20pm to catch our train.

*Overall the day was good apart from the non stop rain through out the day, but it was great because Wiki splashed me, I interacting with Inouk and had a brief interaction with Val!!

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