Thursday, 19 August 2004

Beluga Encounter - Mystic Aquarium - 19th August 2004

Place: Mystic Aquarium
Date: 19th August 2004
Species: Beluga
Main Cetacean Name: Inuk
Other Cetacean Name: -
Trainer: Justin
Time in pool: 20 minutes

At 2:30 it was time for my Beluga Encounter! Our trainer, Justin, took the six of us to a room. We put our waders on, but mine was too small >.<. We then talked about Belugas, Cetaceans and stuff, and finally we went in the water at 3:05.
Our Beluga was Inuk, he is such a sweetie! A few weeks before, during an encounter, someone fell on the poor guy and he got totally spooked out, but he did an awesome job with us!
We got in the water with him and then gave him a rub down and then gave him a pat on the tongue. We then got to stroke his teeth, they were quite blunt. We then got to choose if we wanted to be splashed or feel him suck your hand. I wanted to be splashed, but Justin made me do the other thing. I clenched my fist, put it by Inuk's mouth, and then he sucked my fingers in his mouth! I didn't expect it at all, it felt so funny! We then got to look inside of his mouth and watched him swallow some fish, and then Justin made him sing. He sounded so cute! We then got to have a pose photo with Inuk, got to wiggle his rails and touch his fluke. After 20 mins in the water we got out. It was such an awesome experience!!!

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