Monday, 16 August 2004

Whale Watching - Boston - 16th August 2004

Place: Boston, America
Date: 16th August 2004
Boat name: -
Boat type: Two decks
How many people it carries: -
Company name: -
Trip length: -
Successful or Unsucessful: Successful
Who was on trip: Me, Mum, Dave
Wildlife seen: Humpback Whales, Seabirds

We set off, and the boat was travelling super fast. I was on the top deck, wit the wind blowing in my face. We were travelling pretty fast for a long time, until we slowed down and came across 2 Humpback Whales! It was a mom and her 3-5 month old calf! The mother was called Istar and it was her 12th calf. We watched them for a long time, and the boat people showed us how you could see their white flippers underwater.

Pics here:

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