Saturday, 14 August 2004

MarineLand Canada - 14th August 2004

I got to the park at 10:20 and met Kristine. We went to FC, and watched Kiska and her 6 day old calf. We then went to Kandu and Hudson, and watched the petting session. We then went back to the under water viewing area and watched Kiska, her calf and Nootka do the show from under water. We went back to Hud and Du and watched them for a while. We then went to the Belugas, and once again they didn't interact. After the Belugas, we went to see the Bears. Those Bears are so cute!!! Me and Kristine went back to FC to see if Britt was there but she wasn't. We decided to get some lunch and just as we were heading out of FC, we bumped into Britt and her mom. Because me and Kristine were hungry, we agreed to meet up in the line for tickets to pet the orcas.
When we had eaten, Kristine and I met Britt and her mom in the line. Britt showed us some adorable photos of Shouka!! I was so jealous Kristine and Britt got to meet her!
While we were queuing up, Kiska had leapt out of the water to try and catch a seagull!! I never saw it, but we heard a loud splash and a seagull squeaking.
After we got our tickets we queued up for about 25 minutes. Me, Kristine and Britt chose to pet Kandu. I pet Kandu, and fed him 1 fish and then he swam away to the gate. The trainer had to get him back by slapping a target on the water. When he came back I fed him 2 more fish and then pet him.
After the petting session, Britt and her parents went and got some lunch, and agreed to meet at the Belugas. We still had a lot of time before we had to meet them, so we went to the FC under water viewing area and watched the orcas. We headed off the the Belugas, and Britt and her family weren't there. We stayed at AC for ages and Britt and her family still hadn't turned up. I thought they may have come early, whilst we were at FC, waited and left. So we left AC to go to FC, and met Britt and her family on the way. We split up again, as Britt and her family wanted to go to the Belugas, and me and Kristine wanted to see the Orcas. We went to Hud and Du, and interacted with Huddy.

Later we watched Nootka perform. We hung around the orcas for most of the day, watched Nootka's show 2 more times, and watch Kiska being fed, 2 times.
Kristine and I made friends with a guy who worked there, Dan. I asked Dan when they would name the calf, and he said they would normally name it around birth, but they are going to do a poll.
When Kristine left, Britt and my family headed for Dragon Mountain. Britt didn't ride it but I did. It's so cool!! We left the park at 9:03pm.

Pics here:

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