Friday, 13 August 2004

MarineLand Canada - 13th August 2004

I got to Marineland at 9:30, and because I had some time before Kristine turned up, I went in the park. At the time, I didn't know Kiska had given birth, and I went to FC. AND I SAW THE CALF!!! The calf is soooooooooooooooooooo adorable! She is 5 days old!! She reminds me of Skyla.
When it was 10:00 I went to the park entrance to wait for Kristine. Kristine turned up at 10:20, and she yelled at me, "Kiska's had her calf!", and I said "I know" and showed her some of the photos I took, and then we went to FC. We watched the calf and Kiska lap for a while and then looked at Nootka. It's so depressing watching her floating at the surface alone. I feel so sorry for her, that all her calves have passed away, and her only living calf, is Splash, but she can't see him. We went to see Hudson and Kandu (who were in the back pool, whilst Nootka was in the old orca tank by her self). Kandu was in his "special spot" as I call it, by the gate, and Hudson was lapping and sometimes stopping to "talk" to Nootka.
Later Kristine and I did the orca petting session and we got to pet Kandu!!!! Kandu is so big, but such a sweetie!!! We then went to Artic Cove to see the Belugas. They were so funny! They'd blow these "rings" and then suck them up. Unfortunately they wouldn't interact. And their new habitat is really nice. I still can't believe 20 Belugas were all squashed together in on of the FC tanks! We went back to the orcas, but it started to rain so we then went to the aquarium and watched the show, and when it finished saw the dolphins, at the under water viewing area. They wouldn't interact either.
A little later we went back to the orcas and we interacted with Hudson. I waved my stuffed orca, and then he would imitate it!! Then Hudson spy hopped and touched my stuffed orca with the end of his nose!!!! He is such a cutie!! Kristine then took out some photos of orcas (e.g Algonquin, Neocia, Splash, Shouka)
Kristine later got tickets for the next petting session, and while she was doing that Kandu came over and interacted with me for a brief second!! Kristine came back and we petted Hudson.
Later we went to the under water viewing area and watched Kiska and her calf. Man, her calf is cute! We then watched Nootka do a show. I guess her show is the most exercise she does in a day. Apart from her shows all she ever does is float at the surface... the poor girl.
We hung around the orcas for a while and then went back to the Belugas. I petted and fed Denise. Denise is so pretty! We then went back to the orcas and at 7:15, me and Kristine left the park.

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