Friday, 20 February 2004

Marineland France - 20th February 2004

We arrived at the park at 10:20 and I went to the seals and sea lions, because yesterday they were draining their pool, and I wanted to see if they were still draining it. I then went to the orcas and I watched Valentin and Inouk practise their tricks. I watched the show, and stood by the slide, so I could watch them slide out on it. When the show had finished Freya, Sharkane and Wiki were doing laps, until Freya then went back the side pool. Wiki and Sharkane continue laps, whilst I watched from the glass, until a trainer came to collect the fish buckets, and Wiki and Sharkane came right to the glass! I waved my stuffed orca in front of the glass and then Wiki stuck her tongue out!! She was so cute! The trainer then left and Wiki stayed a little longer, but then she went off to Sharkane. I then left the park at 1:00.

Pics here:

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