Sunday, 7 September 2014


31st July 2017
-A listing of significant events in captive orca history has been added.
-The deceased orcas section has been updated to include their dates in captivity.
-More images have been added to the posts
-Updates have been made to the intro post, to aid in navigation of significant posts

21st July 2015
-Edits have been made due to the passing of Freya, who died on 20th June, after suffering from an illness for several months.

28th January 2015
-Kalia's 2014 Calf was given the name Amaya, out of the choices: Amaya, Kissa and Nasia. Updates have been made to Amaya's, Kalia's, Ulises', Orca Birthdays and Orca Family Tree bio's.

1st/3rd January 2015
-Updates made to Russian Captures page
-Kalia's 2014 Calf bio added
-Juliet's bio added
-Edits made to Keet, Kalia, Kshamenk, Takara's bios
-Additions made to Orca Birthdays and Orca Family Tree

13th November 2014
-Updates made to the Russian Captures page

7th Sept 2014
-MLF trip report added
-Kamea, Keijo's and Russian Orca Bio's added
-Additions made to Orca Birthdays and Orca Family Tree

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