Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Marineland France - 15th April 2014

So today was Marineland day! When we got there, headed straight to la Orque stadium! Was lucky to catch Wikie et new Bebe at the glass being photographed and filmed. On the glass the trainers stuck a piece of paper that said 'Keijo'. I wondered at the time if that was to be the baby's new name. I couldn't believe how big the baby boy was! I was genuinely thinking it was Moana! But yeah, Wikie and baby were at the glass being super cute with their tongues out :). Baby was pretty adventurous I thought - leaving mama quite a bit!
There was a VIP tour going on, and they got all 6 orcas into the show pool, to all jump together. That was pretty awesome!
We then went to go see the rest of the park. We saw the polar bears - one was ripping apart it's enclosure - it was pulling off the rubber around the glass. Oh deary - poley bear wanting to escape! Then saw the sea lions, dolphins, penguins, aquarium ete.
We got lunch then sat down for the orca show. For the twenty mins before it started I watched Wikie, Moana and Baby in the side pool. Moana and baby were playing around together :). In the other pool it looked as if Val was a horny male with his penis out!
We saw the show which featured them all! Then we watched all the other shows - dolphin show, stellar sea lion show and California sea lion show.
In the last 30 mins before leaving I went to watch the orcas. They weren't doing much before the next show began.
I then went around to my dolphins and got an interaction! I placed the dolphin stuffy on the ground, resting it on the glass, and they went down to its level to look at it :). I played with them for just under 10 mins. They were very cute and open mouthed. I got a wee splash, one of them using its beak to splash me but it still stuck around. Was a great way to end the day :)

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