Tuesday, 27 December 2011

SeaWorld Texas - 27th December 2011

Yeahh, so SeaWorld, woot :D! We got to the park when it opened at 12. Pretty much went straight round to the meet point for our 1pm Dine :).
Yeahh, so did our Dine With Shamu. Oh man I was slacking majorly with my orca knowledge. Thought there were only 5 (forgot about Keet!) and didn't realise it was Unna's 15th today! But yeah in the main pool was Tuar and Ky. In the med pool, Keet was chilling and Takara and Sakari were going in and out of pools, causing a splash. Think Unna was in the show pool the whole time.
But yeah, so we had a buffet and then the trainers talked a bit. They didn't get Tuar and Ky to do much, just some slideouts, head shakes, tail waves and pec waves, not really any show behaviours.
Afterwards checked out the conservation center. Saw a very active albino python and mousebird! Saw the penguins and a very baby chinstrap chick, awwh. Was gunna go to the Azul Show but it was packed out so skipped that.
Then it was onto my Beluga dip! Watched a vid and got suited up. First Luga we had was Emac, a 23 year old. Did the standard rub down, touched his melon, fed him and got him to 'jump', wave and splash. Then we had Martha, an older girl. She doesn't like rub downs but we got to touch her melon and feed her. I instructed her to a speed swim and wiggle her melon. We got photos with her, and then at the end got splashed by the girls. We literally werent in the water for long which sucked, like 20 mins :(.
After the Lugas we went round the rest of the park and checked out the Sea Lions, Dolphins and aquarium.. argh I really hate Dolphin Feeding pools. Some morons kept teasing them >:/.
We went to the Azul Christmas Show and Miracles Show. Eh it was average,  pretty sure the same as 2 years ago, but Sakari was too adorable. When they got her to dive around the pool alone, she looked tiny, but when she did a slideout she actually looked quite big! Bless her. Pretty sure all 6 were used in the show, at one point 5 were in the pool!

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