Sunday, 23 February 2003

Swimming with Dolphins - ZooMarine - 23rd February 2003

Place: Zoomarine
Date: 23rd February 2003
Species: Bottlenose Dolphin
Main Cetacean Name: Hugo
Other Cetacean Name: Luna and Marco
Trainer: -
Time in pool: 45 minutes?
- There were only 8 of us and we were put into groups of 4 with a dolphin. The pool was a lot smaller than Discovery cove. Our first dolphin was called Luna. The trainer showed some of there sensitive parts and told use not to touch them and then we were stroking her. We were then being moved away so everyone could take there turn of petting her on there own and having photo opportunities. But when it got to the girl before me, the dolphins were getting a bit sexual so we were taken out. Then we tried again but again they were getting sexual so we had to swap. We got the youngest called Marco he was so cute, but he wouldn't cooperate so we had to change pools. We got into the left pool and we were introduced to Hugo. The girl before me finally got her go then it was mine. The photos were great! Then I was taken out to deeper water and the trainer told me to put my hand under water in a cupped position. Hugo came racing up to my hand then he was spinning me round and round. Everyone else got there go. Then the other group and ours used both dolphins, so they could do a 2 dolphin ride! Then it was my go. The trainer told me to bend down then Hugo and their dolphin, Gorky, came racing past me and I grabbed the bottom of there dorsal and took a 2 dolphin ride! I then asked the trainer if we could make Hugo sing, to prove the sound comes from their blowhole and not there mouth. Then that was it!

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