Monday, 11 February 2002

Swimming with Dolphins - Discovery Cove - 11th February 2002

Place: Discovery Cove
Date: 11th February 2002
Species: Bottlenose Dolphin
Main Cetacean Name: Rascal
Other Cetacean Name: Oscar
Trainer: -
Time in pool: 45 minutes
-This was my first time and I was so excited. Me, Mum, Dave, Keir and lots of other people, were taken to a pool as big as a football pitch. Then were put into groups of 8 with 1 dolphin. We first had to crouch down and our dolphin Rascal swam past and we touched him! He felt so smooth and rubbery. Then the trainer chose me to put my hands under his chin and kiss him! Then everyone else did that but my mum totally freaked (she isn't a big animal fan). Then we had a photo opportunity. We then waved our hands in the air and Rascal rose up and danced! Then Dave, Keir and me were taken out to deeper water and had another photo. Then we had to find his ticklish spot on his back and I found it! Then again we waved our hands in the air and Rascal rose up and danced. Then the trainer told me to put one hand on his dorsal then the other on his flipper and he took me for a ride! Then everyone else got a go but he was getting too excited and we had to swap him with another dolphin called Oscar. I kissed Oscar and I’ve got this brilliant picture and then I hugged him! Then the trainer gave the command for them to give us a little show then we said good-bye. The 45 minutes were up!

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