Sunday, 28 October 2007

SeaWorld California - 28th October 2007

Woo, so we went to SeaWorrrld!
Arrived about 10:30am. Headed straight to the orcas =]. Orkid was in the pool. At the close up I recognised Ruka (fellow orca lover). I was too scared to speak to her lol. She had her interaction stuff out abd was trying to interact with Orkid. Orkid did come over, but I fucked it up by getting out my pink dolphin lol! Ruka later went, and so I was at the glass. Orkid was just lapping, and I did manage to get her to come over, for like 2 seconds lol. She was looking at my orca stuffie =]. She resumed lapping, and I realized I wasn't likely to get another interaction, so I went to the skywalk. From then I watched individual training sessions in the show pool. I saw Ulises', Kalia's, Corky's, Nakai's and Sumar's training sessions. Very cool =].
They lasted a while, and then eventually the show's gates were open. I sat infront of the slide, then moced to the left side of it. The show was much better today. I mainly think because Ulises was in it this time =]. But there was alot more going on, and it was more exciting. In the show was Ulises, Sumar, Corky, Nakai and Orkid. So when the show was over, we had to leave straight away, to go to the airport.

Pics here:

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