Friday, 19 October 2007

SeaWorld California - 19th October 2007

Today we went to SeaWooorld. Well, I was kinda unimpressed :/. I was expecting it to be bigger.
When we got there, I headed straight for the orcas. In the Dine With Shamu pool was Orkid and Nakai. They were doing a Dine, so I didn't bother trying to get an interaction. I then went to the skywalk. Sumar was practising a slide and squirt. Ulises was alone in a back pool, and Corky, Kasatka and Kalia were together in the other.
The dolphin show was starting in 15 minutes, so after the orcas we went there. That show has not changed since the first time I went there, and that was 9 years ago haha! The kid tried to jump in which was actually pretty funny. It was about time someone tried to :P.
After the show we headed to the Penguin Exhibit and the Wild Arctic. Just did the walk through. Polar bears, belugas + walruses. All good.
The Atlantic ride was shut, but I went over there to see the Commersons. Those guys are so cute and diddie x3.
I got out my pink dolphin stuffie and waved it about the glass. They came over and looked at it - before, they were just lapping. It was cool, one guy went upside down to look at it =]. They then went into the other pool, and it was about then I decided to head back to the orcas, because of our DWS. Had to be there 30 mins prior.
Ulises was in close up. Gosh that guy is so big! Real bulky. I didnt bother trying to get an interaction.
Soo we were let into the DWS area. We had a great seat, right by the pool =]. So yeah, obviously we had Ulises for our Dine. The trainer spoke about each of the orcas, how to become a trainer and gave Ulises signals. He did a belly breach, side breach, a froggie, slide out and a few other things.
At about 2pm, I left DWS, to go take my place in the stadium. I swopped places about 4 times hehe. Finally fot a place infront of the slide out.
So the show - effects and background: great. Show itself: poor. I was expecting way more. It wasn't very upbeat or exciting - I'm used to the shows of MLF i guess!
Anway, the guys in the show were Nakai, Corky, Orkid and Sumar. After the show I went to Rocky Point Preserve. I didn't get any food, but I watied and touched a few dolphins =]. One kept butting its head a bit =S.
After the dolphins i went back to the orcas. Nakai was in the show pool, Kalia and Orkid in the med pool, Corky and Kasatka were in a back pool, and Sumar and Ulises were in the other back pool. Sumar and Ulises then got moved into Shamu close up.
They were doing a dine, so I waited til they were done. I got my dolphin stuffie out, but they took no notice. Very gutted about that. I was even standing next to some woman who had clealy been quite a few times, because she knew their names, and she was saying how weird it was that Sumar wasn't coming over.
So I gave up, and went to the stadium for the 4:30pm show. I was pretty much the same, except I noticed the Breakspin this time, and another behavious. In the show was Nakai, Corky, Kasatka, Kalia came in with Kasatka but didnt do anything, and I can't remember if Orkid was there or not :/.
Soo after the show we went and saw the Sea otters, and then went back to the Hotel.
Still very unimpressed though. No intereactions! Atleast I got one with the commies though.

Pics here:

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